Development Diary Part 5: The games

attack of space invaders on a black background

Now we have the decisions on what will be used for the gaming portal and how this will be put together the work is underway to develop this and its now time to start looking at the initial games we will be developing to put on the site.  To start as mentioned in a previous article we are aiming for 5 games ready for an official launch 4 of which are already in various stages of development and the 5th is still in planning. Read more

Development Diary Part 3: The Portal

Illustration of a journey through time

In the post I am going to be roughly outlining what features and sections we wish to see within our gaming portal. These may not all make it into the first release as some may not be feasible for various reasons or we may push back features to later releases if we think it’s going to delay the initial release to long but this will give us a starting point for research and development of the portal. Read more

Development Diary Part 2: The plan

Brain gears symbol concept for team work

In this my 2nd post I want to outline what we will be producing along with a rough outline of features.

Their will be 3 distinct parts to this project. The games themselves, The online backend system for storing game data and the Portal. Read more

Development Diary Part 1

As much of our work is done on a ‘White Label’ basis for design/PR & marketing agencies its very difficult for us to show off work we have produced as we cannot show anything we have done for our white label clients. But as full time geeks what we can show is some internal projects that that we are playing around with in our spare time. These projects do not have a specific commercial purpose but are just something we fancy having a go at or play around with but hopefully will show of some of our skill sets and what we can achieve. Read more

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