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Web-Based and Stand-Alone Game Development

Have an idea for ‘the next Angry Birds’? Let’s make it happen!

Web Based & Standalone

Game development

Simplicity Digital can take your ideas and develop them into a great 2D or 3D game. We have the graphic artists, animators and coders to take your ideas, your vision, your branding or even your character design and gameplay ideas and put them into effect. We can sometimes use some of the code structures we’ve already developed or we can write a completely bespoke set up just for you.

Our experienced designers and coders are fully familiar with developing games for PCs, Macs, iOS or Android devices or for the web. Perhaps more importantly, though, our marketing experts know how to incorporate your branding assets to turn that game into a truly effective outreach and lead generation tool!

Christmas Link web based HTML5 Game

Example of one of our web based HTML5 games which runs in the web browser.

Christmas Link: Web based game

Brand Awareness

Make your brand stand out from the competition and get people playing a game. We have successfully used games to create brand awareness and help businesses stand out from the crowd.

Lead Generation

Generate leads from your marketing campaigns by using Branded games. Generate higher lead conversion rates by using a game as part of your campaign.

Sweepstakes and Contests

Are you looking to run a competition online or at an exhibition? Use Branded Mini-Games to create a fun, engaging and interactive competition. Run leaderboards to choose your winners by rank, or run the game as a lucky dip.

Mobile Coupons

Convert your players into buyers using vouchers. Players could exchange their high scores for discounts, or obtain a voucher they can redeem in-store or online through your e-commerce platform.

Ice Web based HTML5 Game

Another example of one of our web based HTML5 games which runs in the web browser.

Web based game

Gravity Well web based HTML5 game

Rescue the stranded astronauts in this web based HTML5 game.

Gravity Well
Web based game

Save Christmas web based HTML5 Game

Santa's in trouble, can you help save Christmas in this web based HTML5 game.

Save Christmas
Web based game

AV Defence web based HTML5 game

As a virus you must infect cells to survive in this web based HTML5 game.

Web based game

Tile Shuffle web based HTML5 Game

Classic picture puzzle style web based HTML5 game.

Tile Shuffle
Web based game

AV Defence web based HTML5 game

Defend your computer from the attacking Virus in this web based HTML5 game.

AV Defence
Web based game

Have some questions?

Whether you have a question about features, pricing, need a demo or anything else we are ready to answer your questions.