Mobile & Web Application Development

A bespoke software system tailored precisely to your needs could be the answer.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Sometimes the exact tool you need to increase employee productivity, improve customer engagement, or to solve a problem with one of your business processes simply doesn’t exist – yet. That’s where Simplicity Digital comes in!

If you can’t find what you need in an off-the-shelf app or software system and even a bespoke implementation won’t make it do the job you need it to do, then the solution is to have a mobile or web-based app designed and coded specifically for you and your business needs. We can develop your app in the latest version of PHP/MySQL, and ensure that it does absolutely everything you need it to do – and nothing else!

The advantages to a bespoke app are dramatic. It won’t be some large, generic system with a thousand features you never use (and therefore a thousand ways to make mistakes or slow down productivity). Instead it will be a lean, effective and well-designed tool to do exactly what you need.

This is a system that, unlike off-the-shelf packages, is designed to fit how your company operates and solve a specific issue. It is not a generic system offering general functionality. Developing in PHP/MySQL using various frame works and applications we have designed several bespoke or customised systems for clients from different fields, helping then achieve specific goals


We can create just about any app you can imagine. We specialise in cross-platform apps which run on both iOS and Android devices in order to reach as many people as possible, and provide a consistent, exciting user experience to all.

Typically, we’ll build your app using either PhoneGap using HTML5/JS or Unity. This lets us produce a single piece of software which can operate on nearly any phone or mobile device without the expense of coding a separate app to run on each system. That not only makes it more efficient, it makes it much less expensive to you.

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