WordPress 4.1.2

We are in the process of rolling out the 4.1.2 release of wordpress to all our sites.  This is mainly a security fix release with no new features

WordPress updated to 4.01

All our sites have now been upgraded to 4.01 of WordPress which has just been released. This is a security fix with no new features.

New security vulnerability POODLE

Another day, another security vulnerability.  This one nicknamed POODLE (come on seriously?), This affects an old version of SSL(v3) and most people are now dropping support for this as its a very old version and dropping it will only effect people running something like IE6 on XP (without service patch 3) which if its you then shame on you!

Shell Shock

As you may have heard a new security vulnerability nick named shell shock has been discovered in specific set-ups of the Linux operating system. While the servers we host our sites on are running a variety of Linux that has been found to have the vulnerability please rest assured that all our servers have had the latest patch for this vulnerability  applied as soon as it was available and none of our servers or sites has been effected by this issue.

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