App/VR/Web Development, Hosting and Maintenance

Simplicity Digital is ready to learn all about what you do and how you do it, and then craft the modern digital solutions you need to do it better, faster and more efficiently. We’ve been trailblazers in the world of website development, SEO, hosting and the development of games, VR/AR applications and mobile apps for several years, and in that time we’ve learned just how powerfully these technologies can change the way our clients do business.

Website Design & Development

Whether you need a simple 5 page website that gets the job done or a full-featured content management system that gives you full control over hundreds of pages of content, Simplicity Digital can make it all work for you – and make it look great too!

WordPress Maintenance

Do you need WordPress set up with winning themes and plugins? WordPress migration without downtime? Maybe you need long term maintenance and support, including malware and security protection. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Simplicity Digital can even take over the hosting of your WordPress based site entirely. We’ll handle everything – setup, software installation, migration and the thousand other details you need to keep your site up and running without worries.

Web Application Development

Tired of ‘making do’ with web or cloud-based apps which almost do what you need? Simplicity Digital can design a bespoke app or make changes to an existing package in order to turn it into the perfect tool for you and your business.

Game Development

Have a great idea for a game? Simplicity Digital can take your ideas and develop them into a 2D or 3D game for the web or for PC, Mac, iOS or Android platforms. Your creativity, our technical expertise – now that’s a winning combination!

9 Tips for Establishing Trust With Your Website Visitors

2nd May 2023

Make your website visually appealing – A visually appealing website can help establish trust with your visitors. Make sure your website is well-designed and easy to navigate.Provide social proof – Social proof can help establish trust with your visitors. Include customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies on your website.Be transparent – Be transparent about your business and what…

White Label WordPress Support

12th February 2020

Maintaining a business website and ensuring that it functions effectively can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you don’t have access to the appropriate technical expertise. It can be just as difficult for marketing companies who provide website maintenance support alongside a broad range of services such as PPC and social media advertising to their…

WordPress Updates: Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

4th February 2020

One of the reasons why WordPress and its CMS is popular with businesses is the ease of use. You can quickly become confident in using the platform, whatever your technical expertise. It’s easy to think that it can handle everything for you but that’s not always the case. WordPress updates are one area where site…

Why Managed WordPress Hosting is Better Than Cheaper Shared Hosting

28th January 2020

Whether you’re a new start-up or an established business, keeping control of your operational budget is vital. One area where most companies look to get a good deal is on website hosting. Making the right choice here is not just about the cost, however. Businesses need to understand the difference between managed and shared hosting…

WordPress Maintenance & Support: Why Use a Third-Party Professional for WordPress?

20th January 2020

Many businesses use WordPress as their website platform of choice. It’s not only simple and intuitive to deal with, it provides a wide range of tools and software that is often free. One area where companies can struggle in setting up a WordPress site is the maintenance and support. This is vital if you want…

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