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Simplicity Digital innovating, transforming and disrupting the digital world

Simplicity Digital is ready to learn all about what you do and how you do it, and then craft the modern digital solutions you need to do it better, faster and more efficiently. We’ve been trailblazers in the world of website development, SEO, hosting and the development of games, VR/AR applications and mobile apps for several years, and in that time we’ve learned just how powerfully these technologies can change the way our clients do business.

Website Design & Development

Whether you need a simple 5 page website that gets the job done or a full-featured content management system that gives you full control over hundreds of pages of content, Simplicity Digital can make it all work for you – and make it look great too!

WordPress Maintenance

Do you need WordPress set up with winning themes and plugins? WordPress migration without downtime? Maybe you need long term maintenance and support, including malware and security protection. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Simplicity Digital can even take over the hosting of your WordPress based site entirely. We’ll handle everything – setup, software installation, migration and the thousand other details you need to keep your site up and running without worries.

Web Application Development

Tired of ‘making do’ with web or cloud-based apps which almost do what you need? Simplicity Digital can design a bespoke app or make changes to an existing package in order to turn it into the perfect tool for you and your business.

Game Development

Have a great idea for a game? Simplicity Digital can take your ideas and develop them into a 2D or 3D game for the web or for PC, Mac, iOS or Android platforms. Your creativity, our technical expertise – now that’s a winning combination!

Why should you use WordPress as your CMS

29th November 2019

If you’ve been in a situation where you are asking yourself, “Why use WordPress?”, then you are not alone. We are often asked questions such as: why should I switch to WordPress from another platform? Isn’t my existing website good enough?, and many more similar questions  If you are pondering over any of these questions,…

WordPress Support & Tutorial Videos

6th May 2019

All our future WordPress sites will now come pre-installed with tutorial videos on how to use the basic functionality of WordPress such as making posts, adding pages along with tutorials for the popular WordPress SEO plugin YOAST. WordPress Maintenance Packages Anyone on one of our maintenance packages can request these to be installed in their…

Christmas Games

20th November 2017

We have a just launched website dedicated to our promotional Web/Mobile game creation & templates why not go and checkout out Christmas promotional games at  

Charity & Non-Profit Support

17th August 2017

As part of our support for Charities we have just taken on a new client 

Rock BlasterHTML5/Javascript game

9th March 2017

Just built for the funn of it to b honest this game based on the old arcade game asteroids and created using a combination of HTML5/Javascript and exported through phonegap build to create the mobile versions.

Have some questions?

Whether you have a question about features, pricing, need a demo or anything else we are ready to answer your questions.