White Label WordPress Support

Maintaining a business website and ensuring that it functions effectively can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you don’t have access to the appropriate technical expertise.

It can be just as difficult for marketing companies who provide website maintenance support alongside a broad range of services such as PPC and social media advertising to their clients.

Many companies use WordPress for a reason. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand, it’s relatively simple to set up a new site and there is plenty of technical support available. It’s used for 78 million websites worldwide and is very SEO friendly.

If you’re struggling to maintain your website, whether that’s because of lack of time or expertise, it can help to outsource this part of your business. Engaging with a third party like Simplicity Digital makes a big difference, not least in ensuring all the bases are covered and your site is properly maintained.

Why is WordPress Maintenance So Important?

Your business website is key. It’s not only the first port of call for people trying to find out about your brand, it’s the asset around which all your other marketing activities will generally revolve.

Staying on top of maintenance is essential for a variety of reasons:

  • It ensures your website is optimised, remains secure and is protected from hackers who want to access your customer data.
  • It means your site downloads quickly, something which helps keep customers and reduces bounce rate.
  • It should certainly help improve your search engine ranking.
  • It means you spot potential issues with your site early and are able put them right, saving you time and money.
  • Your site is kept up-to-date at all times with new content and the latest design versions.

A standard website not only has the WordPress version of the platform that needs to be regularly updated but various widgets and plug-ins that all add to the site versatility. Not updating can leave your business vulnerable to attack because of bug fixes but also means you don’t get access to improved services that can give you a competitive edge.

What Simplicity Digital Offers

White label WordPress support is not just a box-ticking exercise. It’s about ensuring that your site is working optimally at all times. At Simplicity Digital, we work directly with businesses and with marketing companies that require additional support from a third party service.

We can help with a variety of maintenance issues, including;

  • Taking control of plugin and software updates for business websites.
  • Optimising your site by monitoring its performance and putting in measures that, for example, speed up download times. That can include employing measures such as page and browser caching, minification and GZIP compression.
  • If you business is developing a database of customer information, maintaining this is important. We can help clear out old data that no longer has a useful function, monitoring spam comments and other measures that speed up performance, reducing the amount of storage you are using.
  • We help with uptime monitoring, shared and managed WordPress Hosting, carry out automatic cloud backups and help monitor and improve SEO ranking.
  • Security is a big issue with any website and we scan daily for malware and undertake checks to make sure that a site hasn’t been blacklisted by search engines.

The aim of our white label WordPress Support is to take the pressure off your business or marketing operation so that it can focus on important things like growth and customer engagement. We offer a wide range of packages, starting at just £28 per month to give you the flexibility you are searching for.

Find out how Simplicity Digital can supercharge your WordPress website today.