WordPress 4.2 update

Well close on the heals of the last update which was mainly a security fix we have now completed roll out of the 4.2 release to all our sites.  For more details on the new features : https://goo.gl/kxO1ui

WordPress 4.1.2

We are in the process of rolling out the 4.1.2 release of wordpress to all our sites.  This is mainly a security fix release with no new features

WordPress 4.1.1

The WordPress 4.1.1. release is now being rolled out to all our sites.  This is a maintenance release and fixes a few bugs and contains no new features. More Info: https://wordpress.org/news/2015/02/wordpress-4-1-1/

Server maintenance cancelled

Please be aware of the following scheduled maintenance is now CANCELLED.

Maintenance Start: 20:00 BST 22/10/2014
Maintenance End:   04:00 BST 23/10/2014

The data centre has informed us that the testing process has highlighted some unexpected behaviour in several of units that were due to be installed during this maintenance window. This unreliability is frequent enough for them to no longer feel comfortable deploying these units in the production environment. They  are liaising with the manufacturer about this fault but it means that for now they do need to postpone indefinitely this round of infrastructure upgrades.

Server maintenance

Maintenance Start: 20:00 BST 22/10/2014
Maintenance End:   04:00 BST 23/10/2014

Our servers will be unavailable between 23:00-00:00 BST – the expected actual downtime to be significantly less than this.

Reason for Maintenance:

As part of the ongoing improvement to the data centre where our servers are located they are  enhancing the fault tolerance of the power feeds to our racks. This will  require the power to the rack holding our servers to be shut down to allow for the fitting of additional hardware.

Impact on service:

The rack which our servers are installed will be powered off for a brief period of time.

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