WordPress 4.1

As of December 18th WordPress 4.1 has been available for download. This has now been testedand all sites have been upgraded to this version. Details of the contents of the upgraded can be found here: https://wordpress.org/news/2014/12/dinah/

WordPress updated to 4.01

All our sites have now been upgraded to 4.01 of WordPress which has just been released. This is a security fix with no new features.

WordPress 4.0

As of the  4th of September WordPress have released version 4.0 of there CMS software that many of our sites are based upon.  We have carried out testing on this version to make sure we are happy that this version will not cause any issues with client sites running WordPress and have found no issues.

So far all is looking good and this new version will be rolled out to all our client sites in the next few days.

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