VR (Virtual Reality): What Is It And What Can It Do For My Business?

We’ve all seen the ads on TV of people wearing headsets and exploring virtual worlds. VR or virtual reality has been around for a while now but businesses are just beginning to see the full potential it can deliver and how it can be used for engaging customers in new and exciting ways.

The purpose of VR is to create a 3D world that you actually believe you are in. While its applications for things like gaming and entertainment are pretty well known by now, the applications for marketing might be even more profound.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

It usually involves a headset that is worn over the eyes. A digital image is created that builds a virtual world for the user. When they turn their head, the image moves as if they were there in reality. The image is usually combined with sound.

With a little imagination, VR can also be combined with other physical experiences as this moonwalk video from Sony highlights:

How Can VR Benefit My Business

The first thing to say about VR is that it is immersive. You can place your customer in exactly the right location without them leaving the comfort of their own home.

Let’s say you run a hotel. You want to show how great your rooms and facilities are. You can, of course, use photos but these are fairly static. Instead, you choose to develop a VR catalogue that means potential guests can actually stand in a room or visit your spa and have a good look around.

Check out this immersive VR tour for the Atlantis Dubai Hotel:

Another example is from the car industry where VR is starting to be used so that you can virtually test drive a new model. Companies like Volvo have downloadable apps that can be used with a smartphone in conjunction with an adaptive headset. Here’s an example in which they’re showing consumers how Volvo safety technology works:

VR isn’t just about exploring a location. It can be used to tell stories as well. The New York Times has recently invested in VR stories allowing you to stand side by side with newscasters in different parts of the world.

The benefits of VR for businesses are undeniable. If you can create an immersive environment, you are more likely to engage people and they are then more likely to become customers. The cost of this type of technology is coming down and many businesses are looking at developing VR marketing that gives their customers a whole new dimension and which gives them an edge over the competition.

Let’s say that you have a shop and a bunch of products to sell. Wouldn’t it be great if a potential customer could download your VR app and take a closer look at a particular product, turn it around and view it from different angles, and zoom in to really see what they are buying?

It doesn’t just have to be about selling a product for businesses. Check out this VR idea for a DIY store that used the technology to provide training for their customers in a whole host of different activities:

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