Why should you use WordPress as your CMS


If you’ve been in a situation where you are asking yourself, “Why use WordPress?”, then you are not alone. We are often asked questions such as: why should I switch to WordPress from another platform? Isn’t my existing website good enough?, and many more similar questions 

If you are pondering over any of these questions, then it means that you have at least heard about WordPress or researched about it. However, you don’t specifically know the benefits that the platform can offer you. Therefore, in this article, we’ll break down some of the top benefits of WordPress, explaining why it is the best website building software,

The software is free

WordPress is free software. It means you are free to download, install, use, and modify it to match your needs. For a WordPress.org website, you will not incur any costs to download, and upgrade the base WordPress software, if you need to.

WordPress is easy to customise

Most people start using the site without any prior knowledge of website design. The reason is simple. WordPress provides users with several plugins and themes that they can use to customise your site.

WordPress themes are come with their own options panel, thereby allowing users to upload a logo, change the background, change colours, and customise it to suit your preferences. If you want to add functionality to your site, you can use plugins, which you can use to add features such as contact forms, analytics, and many more.

WordPress is SEO friendly

By design a WordPress site is SEO friendly. While WordPress has some default SEO tools, Yoast SEO plugin is a prerequisite. Yoast asks for a focus keyword for a blog or page, then analyses the post and provides feedback on how you are effectively targeting the keyword. Using this plugin, you’ll get feedback on keyword density, locations of the keywords, SEO title mentions, and many more.

WordPress is Easy to Manage

Typically website management involves making sure the server is okay, performing security checks, running backups, updating, managing spam, improving speed and SEO, and testing functionality.

You don’t have to check on the server in person. You only need an excellent host we can provide a Managed WordPress hosting plan or maintenance package if you already have a site.