"Reality is frequently inaccurate."

Douglas Adams, 
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


What is web hosting?

If you want to put a website online then you are going to need to get a web host. Your web designer will tell you that right from the off. The problem is that many people are actually confused as to what a webhost actually is, and perhaps more importantly why they are important. On…
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WordPress 4.1

As of December 18th WordPress 4.1 has been available for download. This has now been testedand all sites have been upgraded to this version. Details of the contents of the upgraded can be found here:
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WordPress updated to 4.01

All our sites have now been upgraded to 4.01 of WordPress which has just been released. This is a security fix with no new features.
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Increase your e-commerce conversion rates

In my opinion; ecommerce is without a doubt one of the best ways in which you can make money online. If you do things properly then you should be able to generate a rather decent amount of income. It is going to take a lot of work but the process of getting an ecommerce site…
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Social Networking

Effective ways promote your company social networks

If your company is not engaging in social media marketing then it is basically throwing away one of the most effective online marketing techniques. You see; social media is incredibly powerful. People underestimate just how much sway sites such as Facebook and Twitter have over a person’s buying habits. Being listed, and ultimately active, on…
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Content is king

Content is always the first thing you need to focus on when it comes to having a great website Contrary to popular belief; your main focus when it comes to developing your website should not be the overall look or design. Sure; this type of thing is important, but most people do not head online…
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Responsive design

What is responsive design?

Responsive web design is something offered by just about every decent web designer nowadays. If they do not offer it then you want to steer well clear. This is because responsive web design is absolutely vital when it comes to succeeding with a website. So; what is responsive web design? Well, that is something which…
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Lantern Lodge

The Lantern Lodge Hotel

The Lantern Lodge Hotel is a small privately run hotel situated on the cliff top right next to the South Devon Coastal path overlooking the secluded fishing village of Hope Cove with its Devon thatch cottages, clean, sandy and safe beaches We have maintained the Lantern Lodge website a number of years now and it has…
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WordPress Maintenance

Server maintenance cancelled

Please be aware of the following scheduled maintenance is now CANCELLED. Maintenance Start: 20:00 BST 22/10/2014 Maintenance End:   04:00 BST 23/10/2014 The data centre has informed us that the testing process has highlighted some unexpected behaviour in several of units that were due to be installed during this maintenance window. This unreliability is frequent enough…
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New security vulnerability POODLE

Another day, another security vulnerability.  This one nicknamed POODLE (come on seriously?), This affects an old version of SSL(v3) and most people are now dropping support for this as its a very old version and dropping it will only effect people running something like IE6 on XP (without service patch 3) which if its you…
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