Development Diary Part 1

As much of our work is done on a ‘White Label’ basis for design/PR & marketing agencies its very difficult for us to show off work we have produced as we cannot show anything we have done for our white label clients. But as full time geeks what we can show is some internal projects that that we are playing around with in our spare time. These projects do not have a specific commercial purpose but are just something we fancy having a go at or play around with but hopefully will show of some of our skill sets and what we can achieve.

Gaming portal

With this in mind I am going to be posting my development diary on a social gaming portal that I fancy putting together.  We already develop HTML5/iOS/Android games for clients generally as promotion tools and what I want to do is bring together these games into a portal for anyone to play.  This will involve creating some new games, developing the score & achievement tracking back end for the games and creating a portal for visitors to view their leaderboards & achievements, interact with other players etc.

There are many other game portals out there and it’s not our intention to compete with these but produce something that’s fun to develop and hopefully use and at the same time show of some of our development skills.
I will post a more detailed plan, features, etc. in following posts.