Development Diary Part 3: The Portal

In the post I am going to be roughly outlining what features and sections we wish to see within our gaming portal. These may not all make it into the first release as some may not be feasible for various reasons or we may push back features to later releases if we think it’s going to delay the initial release to long but this will give us a starting point for research and development of the portal.

Wish list (in no particular order)

  • Leader boards for each game
  • Overall leader board (a user’s score in each game contributes to their overall ranking)
  • Player profiles displaying the players:
    • alias, avatar
    • games  played
    • global rankings
    • achievements.
    • activity
  • Forums to discuss the games and their development as well as interacting with other players
  • Play games
  • Share links to games on social platforms
  • Share scores on social platforms

As well as the above once the site is launched we will also look at:

  • Player groups. Players can join groups which can have their own leaderboards
  • Add as favorite
  • Allow the players to rate the games.
  • Challenge other players (for games that support multiplayer in some way)