Development Diary Part 5: The games


Now we have the decisions on what will be used for the gaming portal and how this will be put together the work is underway to develop this and its now time to start looking at the initial games we will be developing to put on the site.  To start as mentioned in a previous article we are aiming for 5 games ready for an official launch 4 of which are already in various stages of development and the 5th is still in planning.

In this post I will be showing the early Alpha/Prototypes of 2 of the games in development and will follow this up shortly with details of the 2 others we have started on and any details we have of what the 5th game will actually be.

Gravity well

This game is based on the old lander style game.  The development of this is well under way and though still in Alpha we have the scoring system in, the main game physics and controls are all working and a couple of the levels are working though still a lot ot do.


Jungle Run

Currently this is only at prototype stage, though a fairly advanced prototype, the original just had some coloured blocks hopping around. We are fairly happy with the prototype and this one will shortly go into full development as we actually make  a game out of what we have so far.