Development Diary Part 5: The games (Part 2)

PLay Game

As this project serves no commercial purpose other than to demonstrate some of our digital development skills we only get to work on it in out spare time but even so I am happy with our progress the portal itself is coming along with WordPress and the Xenforo forum software integrated together.  The integration between the games, the game scoring/ranking backend system and  wordpress  as the CMS is progressing nicely and in the next couple of weeks we hope to release a couple of early beta versions of 2 of the games to test the games themselves and the integration with the portal. In the meantime  here’s a couple more videos of games we have in development for our games portal.

Flappy Pig

First up we have Flappy Pig this one isn’t yet much of a game and the video just shows one of the prototypes we were trying for this one.  Once finished we hope to have a cross between a Flappy Birds style game and a platformer.  At the moment the video is a portrait version of the game for mobile which isn’t really working due to the limited view to the right of the player the  scenery is appearing on the screen to quickly for them to avoid so we will be re-trying this one in a landscape only format which should work btter.


Rock Blaster

This one is our version of the old asteroids game which is one of my favorites. The video is actually of quite an old Alpha version as the actual game is nearly complete and is just waiting on the user interface and scoring system integration so we are hoping to release a Beta version of this and Gravity Well demonstrated in the previous post which is also nearing Beta.