Development Diary Part 6: Progress

Its been a while since my last post and I am finally making a some head way with my pet project though its been slower than I hoped just down to trying to fit time in on it between client projects.
For those that haven’t read my previous posts on the subject as a developer who’s work is done on a white label basis this means the majority of what I produce I cannot show to new or existing clients. This being the case I decided to start my own personal project which would hopefully show case some of my digital skills and as I would be working on this in any spare time I had it needed to be something that would keep my interested. So as an avid gamer I came up with the idea of building a few games, a site to host them on and a web application to handle scoring and user authentication between the various platforms.

Both the games also have Android version available on google play.

Rock Blaster (Modern version of asteroids)

Gravity Well (Lunar lander style game)