Development Diary Part 2: The plan

In this my 2nd post I want to outline what we will be producing along with a rough outline of features.

Their will be 3 distinct parts to this project. The games themselves, The online back-end system for storing game data and the Portal.

The games

To start with at launch of the portal our aim is to have 5 games ready to play, increasing as we have time to develop more  but with the aim of releasing 1 game every month once everything is up and running.

These games will be fairly simple and I will go into more detail about what they will actually be in future posts.  In the most part these games will be developed as cross platform PC/iOS/Android games and will be created using HTML5/Javascript.  in the beginning they will be just web based but once the portal and back-end is up and running they will be converted into android/ios/Windows apps available from the appropriate stores. We will also look into getting these on to Facebook at a later date.

The game back-end

This will be a web based back-end to the games to store the players scores, achievements and possibly game saves for more complex games in the future. The back-end will be developed as a standalone system with an API for applications such as the portal or app. versions to retrieve player information.

The portal

The intention for the portal is to create a site for the players to visit to play the games on the web, view the overall leader boards and achievements and interact with the other players and us the developers of the games. As this is going to be a big part of the development and probably will impact on what and how we retrieve information from the game back-end system I will be outlining the features for this in more detail in my next post.